Pathways Priorities Matrix. This matrix has been developed by the Pathways Taskforce to outline a range of work that it proposes should be carried out. The Catholic Health Australia membership has been invited to respond to the projects outlined in the document and identify which it believes are the most important and most urgent needs. That feedback will help to shape the next period of work for the Taskforce.

Governance and Leadership of the Mission: Towards a 10-Year Plan. A discussion paper that was prepared for the Catholic Health Australia "Stewards of the Mission" conference in April 2013. The initiatives of Pathways were endorsed by delegates at that conference.

Pathways (Leader Formation) Taskforce Terms of Reference

Minutes of the first Pathways Taskforce meeting (August 2013)

Minutes of the second Pathways Taskforce meeting (October 2013)

Minutes of the third Pathways Taskforce meeting (December 2013)

Minutes of the fourth Pathways Taskforce meeting (April 2014)

Pathways report presented to CHA Stewardship Board (April 2014)

Minutes of the fifth Pathways Taskforce meeting (June 2014)

Minutes for the sixth Pathways Taskforce meeting (August 2014)

Continuing the Mission: Expectations of Trustees, Board Directors and Executives. This resource was launched at the Catholic Health Australia national conference. Click here for more information and to request copies.

International resources

Leadership Formation – Catholic Health Association USA

The CHA-USA website offers an overview of leader formation, an explanation of the capacities it develops, the themes that could be covered and the outcomes that might be expected. Click here to access the CHA USA Senior Leader Framework.

Forming Health Care Leaders: A Guide -- Catholic Health Alliance of Canada

Assists in the preparation of learning activities in support of the distinctive Catholic element of Catholic health care. This resource can be ordered at

Ministry Leadership Centre, Sacramento

This website offers an overview of the principles, content and process of the Sacramento-based Ministry Leadership Formation Program. The program is designed to nurture a community of leaders who genuinely identify with the Church’s healing ministry, who appreciate its distinctive richness, and who are willing to commit to its long-term viability.

Tradition on the Move: Leadership Formation in Catholic Health Care by Laurence J. O’Connell & John Shea (Ed) (2013).

This book provides a detailed exploration of the learnings from eight years’ experience in designing and implementing the Ministry Leadership Centre’s leadership formation program. Available at