Pathways responds to the issues facing Catholic health and aged care ministries in relation to effective governance and leadership of the mission. The  April 2013 “Stewards of the Mission” conference agreed the urgency of supporting current and future governance and leadership capacity to  ensure Catholic health and aged care ministries remain an authentic expression of the healing ministry of Jesus.

The purpose of Pathways is to be the focal point for collaborative planning and implementation of initiatives and resources to support those serving as trustees, board directors and executives in Catholic Health Australia member organisations to adequately fulfil their mission-related responsibilities. These initiatives and resources will support recruitment, orientation and ongoing formation for people holding these critical roles.

It is anticipated that Pathways will lead to the following indicative outcomes:


  • Trustees, board directors and senior executives will have access to multiple options to support the exercise of governance and leadership of a Catholic ministry. These formation resources will foster the necessary skills, knowledge and personal disposition both in preparation for a governance or leadership role and as ongoing formation.
  • There will be a range of opportunities to access relationships, courses, workshops, community of practice and other formation resources. These will complement the resources currently provided by individual organisations.
  • Resources will be developed to support recruitment of people suitably equipped for governance and leadership roles in a Catholic ministry.
  • Resources will relate to elements of knowledge, skills and disposition common to leadership of a Catholic ministry. Specific formation related to charism and culture will be the preserve of individual organisations.
  • A range of approaches will be articulated so member organisations can assess the adequacy and impact of the preparation and ongoing formation of their leaders as well as identify and articulate faithfulness to Catholic identity.
  • The Mission Leader role will be supported through the availability of cross-ministry programs and resources and the articulation of the core competencies and responsibilities.
  • Catholic tertiary institutions will through their research and teaching activities be responsive to the needs and issues impacting on Catholic ministries and available to support the ongoing formation and service development of Catholic ministries.
  • New opportunities will exist to support effective cross-ministry dialogue around issues of Catholic governance, ethics, mission, culture and identity.

    The Taskforce has identified and prioritised and range of projects to be implemented to achieve planned outcomes. The first such document is the draft Priorities Matrix, and feedback will soon be sought on that document.

The Pathways logo

Pathways is about a way forward.... 

We embark on the journey together, aware of -

...where we have come from and where we are headed.

...being on the frontier without a clear map of the territory we are traversing.

...travelling with a deep sense of belonging to those on the journey with us 

and we will sustain each other along the way.

...responding to the needs of all -- near and far, large and small.

...regularly discerning our direction and the best ways of achieving our goals.

...being guided by our founding vision and commitment to the Gospel.